10-67  P.D.O.A. - R.I.P.

(2000-2002)  CD Art


  "Imminent Death"  (Bacon, Kobus, Powell)   Download

This track was recorded May 10-11 2002 c.e. (Remixed 12/2004.) This is the final track  the group recorded together." Imminent Death" is also on Danno's CD titled Shattered Mind

  "Rapture"  (instrumetal)  (Powell)    

This song  has many great riffs. It is worth checking out just for the solo at the end!!

  "Nothing Less" (Remastered 2008)  (Bacon)    Download

This song was conceived in the year 1997 c.e. It is a song about wanting nothing less than what is needed, to get through our earthly existence and gaining control of what we desire.

  "Fields of Death"   (instrumetal)  (Bacon)

This instrumental version was recorded with the 2001 lineup: Dean Kobus (Bass) and Daniel Powell (Guitar) Alex Bacon (Guitar)

  "Chained to Blame"  (Bacon, Kobus, Powell)    

This is the 1st song the 2001 10-67 lineup had written together as a group. It was conceived during the summer of 2001 c.e.

"March of the Conqueror"  (Powell)    

This song was written solely by Danno. Danno later decided he would want to release in on the  EP. This is a jammin' song with many great harmonies!

  "Timeless Time"  (Powell)     

This is an acoustical guitar ballad by Danno. It has a nice melody and fine harmonies. Recorded 12-17-01 c.e.

"Dissolution"  (Bacon)     

Featuring Lucy! (For all of you that know what I'm referring to) Recorded in 1997 c.e.

"Shall I Wake"  (Bacon)     

"Shall I Wake" was created in the year 1993 c.e. It is has been recorded many different times in the past. It is also one of the very 1st songs Alex created. Vocals were originally performed with this song.

  "The Lies"  (Bacon)     

Instrumetal version of "The Lies" Recorded 10-7-01 c.e.


2000 - 2002 10-67 P.D.O.A.