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Neither Ed Gein nor murder, reflect any lifestyle or mentality of the persons involved with! This page is merely for entertainment! It is intended for people with an open mind! 

This page is NOT a tribute to the gruesome crimes of Edward Gein!


In Ed Geinís confession to the police, he admitted to exhuming 9 to 11 corpses.  Plainfield cemetery is where Gein did most of his grave robbing. The most heard of grave he unearthed was Eleanor Adams on August 26th, 1951. The same day she was buried.

This page was originally created for those who, would like to see what the Plainfield cemetery actually looks like. Located is central Wisconsin. The cemetery is located on 5th Ave and can be seen off Interstate 39. For a map click here  

Many people have submitted great pictures of various locations and their help is greatly appreciated in making this Gein/Plainfield page one of the best on the web!

If you have any Gein related pics, please email them so they can be posted.



Tavern ran by Mary Hogan in Bancroft, WI. This is the same tavern she disappeared from on December 8th 1954.  Picture submitted by KeKe


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"These are pics taken in Plainfield at the Ed Gein property location. Most are taken from the road, however the pics of the structures on the property are hidden back in there. They are not visible from the road (spring and summer at least). Very creepy, ominous feeling there. Certainly there is some latent negative energy looming around.
Taken in Aug 06 and June 07."   Picture Credit: Shlong of Beloit WI

F.Y.I. The shack in the pics below are of a hunting shack, and not to be confused with the shed Bernice Worden's body was discovered.


These are pics from Spirit Land Cemetery in Almond, WI. It is another cemetery where Ed used to rob graves.  Located 15 minutes North of Plainfield. Picture Credit: Shlong of Beloit WI

Picture Credit: Shlong of Beloit WI


"These are pics taken of Clarks True Value in Plainfield. The 1st one is the front of the store. The pic in back is the loading dock that Eddie dragged a dying Bernice Worden out of the store and loaded her in to the stores delivery truck. She was found hanging and gutted in a shed near his house..." Picture Credit: Shlong of Beloit WI

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