This page is dedicated to the 1978 horror classic HalloweenActually the original title for this film was going to be The Babysitter Murders. Here you will find pics from the movie, on and off the set, pics of the Myers' house circa 2004, and more.

The Myers' house pics were taken in South Pasadena, California where most of the film was made. The house was empty and abandoned at the time the producers used it in the film. Since then, it has been moved to the other side of the street, and it's now home to a chiropractor's office. 

The house was originally located at 707 Meridian Avenue. Today the house is on the corner of Meridian Avenue and Mission Street, at 1000 Mission Street, next to the railroad tracks. Also the 'Nichol’s Hardware Store’ where Michael Myers stole some rope, a knife, and a Halloween mask is located directly across the street. The store is now named The Frame Shop, 964 Mission Street.

An apartment complex was built on the block where the Myers' house once stood. What a shame! It is nice to see that they have actually preserved the house. In a sense it is like preserving an historical landmark.

Laurie Strode's house is also located in South Pasadena, on 1115 Oxley Street, at the corner of Fairview Avenue. The Haddonfield High School is actually the South Pasadena High School on Lyndon Street.

The Wallace and Doyle residence can be found in Hollywood on the 1500 block of Orange Grove Avenue, located between Sunset Boulevard and Selma Avenue. The house address where Laurie baby-sits Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace is 1530 Orange Grove Avenue. Across the street where the murders take place is 1537 Orange Grove Avenue. (Wallace residence)


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Nick Castle played Michael Myers a.k.a. The Shape in 1978


Due to the films budget, the prop department had to use the cheapest mask that they could find. The mask turned out to be a William Shatner mask, from the 1975 movie The Devil's Rain. They later spray-painted the face white, teased out the hair, and reshaped the eyeholes.



Creators John Carpenter and Debra Hill on the set of the film.

 "Samhain" Mask

I bought the mask below through Mask Maker Productions. I would advise anyone who would like to buy a Michael Myers mask, to buy it through these people. The masks are made of thick latex and real camel hair, unlike those cheap Don Post masks. The mask looks identical to the one on the part 4 cover. Of course they are a bit expensive but if you want something authentic MMP is the place to go.


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