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10-67 P.D.O.A. (1st Demo) (2001)  CD Art

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  "Nothing Less" (Remastered 2008)   Download

This song was conceived in the year 1997. It is a song about wanting nothing less than what is needed, to get through our earthly existence and gaining control of what we desire.

"Shall I Wake"    

"Shall I Wake" was written in 1993. It has been recorded many different times in the past. It is also one of the very 1st songs Alex created.

"The Lies" (vocal version)    

I don't need anybody to get in the way of my earthly existence! Or any bible-belts telling me that their way is the only way. This is a song about all of the above and more. It is pure anger that I have seen through all the lies!

  "Orpen and Asange Juice"    Download

The motivation for this song was influenced through the presence of friends. Sometimes music has its own senses. The song is a musical emotion felt during, what is now known to be a memory. If you can figure that out you will understand the ideology.

"Painted Rainbow"    Download

Instrumental/Ballad (Recorded in 1999)

"Fields of Death" (vocal version)    

Thanks to Mike P. Leslie for the lyrics. He mailed them to me around 15 years ago from jail. As soon as the lyrics met the music, it just seemed to fit. Is it a song of war and death? Or a song of being locked down? What the lyrics are about is basically what you perceive.


Featuring Lucy! (For all of you that know what I'm referring to) Recorded in 1997


This is another song that was written in 1993.  This track is the instrumetal version. The original lyrics were cut due to being to violent and extreme. Maybe they will resurface in the future!

"07 User"

Written by Dan Powell and Alex Bacon

  "The Lies (Live 3-3-01)"   Download  Lo-Fi   Hi-Fi

Recorded live at The Evergreen Ballroom in Marinette, Wisconsin on 3-3-01

  "Fields of Death (Live 3-3-01)"   Download 
Lo-Fi   Hi-Fi

"Sights of Death"

This song does not reflect my lifestyle, it is merely about the morbid actions us humans take upon each other


This song is by far experimental, electronic, musical thoughts! Music for the ritual chamber.

2000  10-67 P.D.O.A.